Who is Mod Uncorked?

MOD - modern, trendy, timeless 

UNCORKED -  to give something oxygen, a new life.

Cork is one of the the very few re-generating trees on our planet which makes it a sustainable resource and I happen to love both wine and cork, so it was a perfect match!

My name is Limor Webber and this is my Consignment Shop.

Mod Uncorked was birthed from my passion for circular fashion and a real concern for our environment. I have been a huge thrifter and consignor for years, but once I started to dive a little deeper into fashion sustainability, I started to learn about the social impact fast fashion has on humanity across the globe. I took my passion for fashion and my desire to make a difference on this amazing earth, and Mod Uncorked was born.

Who doesn't love new clothes?

At Mod Uncorked we want you to know that second-hand clothing can be as amazing, of high quality, and in great condition, as a brand new piece.

Mod Uncorked is rooted in the foundation of making a difference for our planet and for our local communities.  We whole heartedly believe in shopping local as much as possible and showing support to members in our community that are in need.  We work with many non for profit organizations throughout our city to donate unsold clothes.  When you consign with us you have the option to have all of your unsold items donated to these amazing organizations.  Please inquire during your consignment consultation.

Hours of Operation:

Monday: Closed


Wednesday 11AM-6PM

Thursday 11AM-6PM

Friday-Saturday 11AM-5PM

Sunay Noon-5PM

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